How to effective lay your strategy when looking for likes in Twitter

Twitter has been in operation since on or about 2006.  The social medial platform has a large number of users every single day.  This in essence should not come as a surprise.  Before you look for Twitter likes you must have an account.  Registration is easy and is absolutely free.  This is one platform where you will be able to literally connect with people around the world. It is not limiting and if you are a little creative, your likes will increase in a very short time. What really matters is how you do it.  One thing you need to know is that Twitter over the years has made a few changes here and there.f1

Sometime back Twitter officially replaced their favorites with ‘likes’. So currently there are no favorites on Twitter but likes.  Interestingly and unknown to many Twitter has category of users just like most social media platforms.  Before going out to sought whatever Twitter likes it is important to know what category of likes you are looking for and how it is going to impact on your following.  You also need to know that it might not be as easy to get likes a lot of work needs to be done.

Is it Risk-free to use Twitter Likes Feature?

Twitter which is recognized as one of today’s most popular social media platform has gotten rid of its old “favorite” button and recently replaced it with a “Like” button which can be obtained through clicking the heart icon. To put simply, “Twitter Likes” button is one great approach to give someone a great support that could somehow make them feel appreciated, loved and that you are agreeing to what they post or share.

Perhaps, many users are still wondering about the real effect of obtaining “likes” when you post or share something. Take in mind that this feature can actually be a very beneifical marketing tool for countless of users and entrepreneurs particularly if it is used correctly.f2

Here are a few methods on how to use Twitter Likes to give you an edge:

  1. To spread the word.

When others see your likes, then this is certainly a fascinating means to amplify a tweet. Indeed, since “like” is conveyed as a seal of agreement, people will more likely go over them and check out the buzz of their very own home feed.

  1. Prompt other users to follow you.

There are some users who use the “like” button for them to invite you to follow them back. As a matter of fact, this is often times used by list builders and spammers so to bolster their following.

  1. To clearly demonstrate agreement and approval.

When you like a tweet, this clearly implies that you support or agree on what the tweeter is sharing or saying. It is worthy of note that this can be in responses to a valuable statement that you agree with or an interesting or funny comment; but you consider it as something that you do not really prefer to share, broadcast or re-tweet on your own feed.

  1. For you to politely mark the end a conversation.

A lot of users like a tweet so they won’t need to respond. As you can see, this is helpful if the convection is about to end or you can’t find the rights words to say to end the conversation.  In reality, a simple “like” can help you end the conversation without appearing impolite or rude.

  1. “Like” can considerably help you add personality.

If you are using your firm’s Twitter account or currently using this social media app to tweet some news about your firm, be reminded that the “Like” button is advantageous for flaunting your personality. In line with this, liking various tweets that comprise of those with little or more hearts enable users out there to observe a distinct side to your firm.

  1. Bookmark statements or articles.

If you want to reread a good article or statement you saw earlier, you can read it again when you want. At times, it is very difficult to possibly find an article which you like and try to find again in the future. As you like a certain tweet, this is then stored beneath the “Likes” tab on your profile page and this could be definitely be instantly found later.


Why You Need To Have Many Snapchat Followers

Just like any other social media network, having very many followers is usually a very crucial thing for any user and for snapchat; the case is not any different. Once you have signed up with snapchat, before you even start sharing your photos and videos, it is important that you get to have adequate snapchat followers that will act as the audience to each and every photo or video that you get to share on your account.

You can’t just share videos and photos on your account while you have no followers or just a few followers. It would be like posting your own content for your own self or for a few people and it ought not to be like that. The essence of having many snapchat followers is in having people who are going to view you content, like it and comment about it as they share their views. Furthermore, you can get to make friends on this social media platform and in the long run, you get to make your snapchat experience thrilling and worthwhile, which would not have been the case if you had a few followers or no followers at all.